About Us

Founded in 1991, we have had both the might of one determined woman and stood as strong as over 400.

We have given away $30,000 and kept it all in the Village. We have hosted over 23 Holiday Auctions,

18 garden parties, 1 casino night, and Luau. We have had dinner together too many times to count. 

We have been in the heart and soul of our Village.

We have paid the oil bills, moving expenses, and medical bills of our neighbors, all without ever being asked. We have helped raze homes and helped rebuild them. We have bought back-to-school clothes and filled elementary school backpacks. We have helped over 20 women go back to school and continue their education. We have donated 2,500 pounds of food to our local food pantries and soup kitchens.

We have played board games, gone to the movies, learned to cook and to knit, and we have been softball champions! 

We have raised glasses together in both joy and sorrows. WE are the tie that binds.

Community Service

Volunteer activities, food drives and financial support for the underserved in our community.


Meet awesome people who live in your community, who share in your interests...and who knows, you may just find a new bestie! 

Interest Groups

Whatever your interest, either join a group or create your own. Maybe you are interested in a book club/ running club/ baking group? Interest Groups is the place to go. 


Lots of socializing - dinner with friends, wine & treats, happy hours and so much more.

The Babylon Village Women’s Club is a nonprofit organization focused on the needs of the Babylon community. We provide assistance in the form of scholarship funds to women returning to school for a degree and direct emergency support for families in need during crisis.


We also help local organizations that provide food and supplies to the underserved in our community through volunteer activities, food drives and financial support.


To operate exclusively without profit, for the promotion of civic, social, and charitable welfare of the community. 

The purpose of this Club is to create a forum for residents in the community, to provide social, recreational, and informational activities for all members, thus enabling them to better acquaint themselves with Babylon Village.


Our History

As a new resident of Babylon over 35 years ago, I loved the quaint style of the Village. I did not know anyone and seeing how dedicated, devoted, and prideful the people were, I knew at that moment that this was not only a place I wanted to live, but a place I wanted to be part of it's history and growth. The BVWC was a love-child of wanting to meet people, families, support women, and contribute on a grass-roots level to this beautiful Village I call home.

It was a vision of mine to see women come together and create a place to live that was filled with contribution, culture, family, friendship, and joy. The BVWC became all of that through members developing life-long friendships. Who knew that over 25 years later, those friendships are still growing, and the Women's Club is still providing all of these elements that make up a beautiful place to live. This 24-carat gold chain continues to link together history, and future, and I am proud to have been part of finding something so relevant in our little corner of the world. 

The Original BVWC

Board Members

The Original Letterhead

First Newsletter, Volume 1

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.